Thursday, February 15, 2007

So Jason is back in town for a day or two - we still don't have an apt but he feels like we are about to have a change of luck.
He is also having a hard time with his cluster headaches (that name makes me think of Sandra Bullock in "28 days"). he has finished off my prescription of Vicodin (from my root canal) and is out of his Maxalt. His Dr. has moved practices and did not leave a forwarding number of address so we will have to get him in to see someone new, since- can you belive it?- the Dr. won't just call in a prescription of either medications.
The nerve. Well actually netiher Jason and I are having a hard time accepting this it's just adding one more thing to the pile - since he is out of town so much and all.

During this trying time I have realised that I am not all that caring and understanding.
Don't get me wrong I KNOW he is in a lot of pain- but I still catch myself feeling like he is whinning too much about it. I think I'm having this trouble because there isn't a whole lot you can do about cluster headaches (sandra bullock) and I tend to not talk about stuff if there isn't a way to change it.
one the one hand it saves people from a lot of whinning on my part (I know it's hard to think there could be more- "if you only knew how much I wanted to say but didn't" ) but on the other it isn't very helpful at general communication.
I'm trying to decide if it's a bad thing and needs to be changed or if it's a good thing (because I don't whine as much) and doesn't need to be changed.

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Matthew said...

The answer to that question depends on whether or not your are dealing with a pity whore or not. A certain amount of empathy is a good thing. On the other hand, people who whine to get attention and pity should be starved to death.