Friday, February 16, 2007

So matt's birthday present arrived the other day (yeah, we both know it's late- but it rocks!) I've recorded some Dora the Exporer episodes for Stella and Danielle to watch as well as made two DVD's of my rather boring life for Matt and Mary Ann to enjoy.
(I'm so sorry they are so boring and badly edited- I can only promise you once again - they will get better).

To this end I've been re-watching some of the DVDs before sending them out.

1. I tend to let certain subject matter drag out for what seems like for EVER but the thing is I cut it down when I recorded it.
2. We certainly were hostile children- I just watched the Labor Day outing and the first time I watched it we seemed really hostile but the second time didn't seem so bad- but I'm back to were were hostile little gits.
3. I look exactly the same but slightly smaller.

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Matthew said...

I can't wait. Any video is highly appreciated. I hope they get through the mail alright...