Saturday, March 24, 2007

My overall impressions of Richmond...
I don't like it.

1. I don't know where anything is and I hate just driving around.
2. because spring is a litter later here I have moved from a city where whatever pollen was causing an allergic reaction was abating to a city that has just begun the lovely cycle all over again.
3. The library sucks. Everything is old and they don't have books on the subjects I want. and it smells funny.
4.It is ugly. I was willing to think I just hadn't seen that much of the area but now that I have had the lovely experience of just driving around looking for things - it's still ugly. Think Michigan and industrial sites.
5.The family above us has children who run and jump and cause booming sounds on the cieling of my apt.
6. I have nothing to do ALL DAY.

I've started finding a jogging route- so that I'll be ready when the Bear comes up and whatever other races I find in the area.
Scottie and Spock apparently feel the same as I do and have tried repeatedly to make a break for it- Scottie succeded once but since his "make a break for it" speed is about the same as a turtle it wasn't difficult to round him up again.
I did manage to get directions to the church from the missionaries so I'll be able to tell you about our ward on monday.


talktolebanon said...

That is a typical response when you are not wanting to make a change in the first place. Find what is nice and hold on to it and let the rest go. There are many many places that would be much worse and you can find us new races so we can get new and cool t-shirts. I understand you are keeping the same telephone number, is that true? 1433

Matthew said...

Keep in mind that our first reaction to Lebanon was rather positive, and then look what happened... Maybe the inverse will be true for you =)

You could always parasite off the Tivo I have at Dad's house so you have some electronic company. Plus, Stella videos are on their way.

Terra said...

yay for stella videos!!! (even ones labled with a sharpy =))

Melissa said...

Have you seen that Tivo has now updated so you can share you home videos via Tivo?! It looks really neat. It will even tell you when your family members have uploaded new videos! I would do it, but my sister doesn't have Tivo!