Sunday, March 25, 2007

I went to church today- the building is 5 minutes away which is nice. The people are friendly which is nice.
IT is also what is known as a "newly wed, nearly dead" ward. and small.
Its the Belmont ward and from those who were attending it looked like 150 people? although when I signed the role in sunday school there were A LOT more people on the role than were there.
The Relief Society lady was nice as was the other lady who may have a vets number for me.
There was a wierd intense lady who accosted me afterward once she heard that I had lived in Charlotte.
She had moved from Charlotte in 1989 and wanted to fidn out if we knew any of the same people. I pointed out that I had only lived there for 5 years and whiel I recognised a few of the names I didn't personaly know any of them. Then she wanted to know who was my Stake Pres. and when I told her she broke loose with some personal information abotu a child the family had lost through death.
Then she wanted to knowwho the bishop was and how many wards there were.
The relief society pres rescued me- I'm nearly positive she interupted on purpose.
Everyone that looks to me near my age (there are only about 5) have several children. which I guess proves that Beth Kingaby was right- I should hav egotten married years ago and had childen because I am now left behind.
I can't wait for my cute little nieces who are WAY cuter than any of the somewhat ugloly children I saw today minus the gerber baby.


Matthew said...

Beth is not the only one to mention these brilliant points as I recall.

Having been in our current branch, I am now a big believer in small congregations. I like our tiny branch way more than I liked big wards.

talktolebanon said...

The ward there sounds a lot like the Morganton Ward when we moved in. Having the "Charlotte lady" there will make Sundays more challenging in trying to avoid her and getting to know the other people. You know, a game of tag while trying to be spiritual and all of that. Have a great week continuing your unpacking. 1433