Saturday, March 17, 2007

so were packed - mostly... by that I mean we still have to through a few things in boxes and vacuum.

Anyway I survived people in my apt messing with my stuff and have so far realised that at least two library DVD's have been packed in the van.
We also started on our way out of the state and reasised that James H. had Jason's debit card from lunch.
He was in Gastonia for stake conference? 30 minutes away.
He was mad that he had to drive it back.
Um. oh well?

James also got his mission call yesterday and will be going to the Uruguay Montevideo West spanish speaking mission.
guess he wishes he pais a bit more attention in HS spanish now doesn't he?
he's excited and his parents are excited and everyone is excited...well, I'm probably a 2 on their scale but I think it's nice.

no one remembered to take pictures.

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talktolebanon said...

Is everyone excited that James is leaving for two years! No early returns accepted, no warranties, all products accepted as is. It is a nice opportunity for him.