Sunday, March 18, 2007

We are here..unloaded (I almost said unpacked...silly me)
Jason discovered that when you already own a cat carrier it's best to put the cat in it and leave it there for a 4.5 hour car ride.
He also discovered that my dog rocks and sleeps for a 4.5 hr car ride.

and he lost another bet.
just another random fact thingie- was Ron Glass's character on Fire Fly named "Book" or "Booker"?

The answer for those who care is "Book".

I am now going to map quest the library from my house- so I can get places next week.

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talktolebanon said...

Nice to know that you probably did not return any of my telephone calls or respond to blog entries because you were busy moving. Will you be getting new telephone information anytime soon? Is Jason really still alive and just refusing to blog or has he died and you are trying to pull off some type of hoax?