Monday, March 26, 2007

This is a trunk that I found in charlotte the week before we moved. Jessica and Jim had been drooling over mine and hopping that I would forget it so they could have it. If you look past the horrible red paint job- really who thought this was a good idea? You can see a beautiful trunk.

THis is a close up of the pattern in the pressed tin- it's going to look beautiful when Jim is finished with the job. I could tell he though I had paid a lot for it when I told him what it cost (I talked them down to $72) but now that he has been online and realised that the only reason I got that good of a deal is because of the horrible paint job and that when these trunks as refinished they are worth several hundred dollars he is much more excited about the project. That and Jessica is going to LOVE IT!.

This is also a new member of the Heilpern house hold (charlotte H's)

Her name is Tiger Lilly and I thought the nieces would like the photo.

THis is a photo of the layout of our new apt.


megan said...

um, am i the only one who thinks the name of the apartment complex is funny?

Terra said...

you know I only now though about that=) yeah it's funny.

talktolebanon said...

Wow, red paint. That was a great idea by someone. It should clean up nicely though.