Thursday, April 19, 2007

After the Aquarium we went to the Purple Cow to eat where I had a yummy lump crab soup and Samantha wanted a restraunt hoodie- she collects restraunt shirts and not lame ones like McDonalds cool ones like from ...the Purple Cow. (she didn't get one because they only had an XL hoodie.)
Then we went Bowling where Dad and I played a neck to neck game with him ultimatly wining in the last frame by TWO! (105 vs 107).
You know whenever I bowl I think back to when we were little and winning ment getting a score that totaled more than we wieghed.
It's a lot harder to do that now.
This is Sam bowling

Dad setting up a winning shot

me being fantastic! Actually what I'm doing is waving my arms in an effort to get the ball to move towards the two pins that were left.

Mom- who is not a bowling shark unlike in pool.


megan said...

thanks for the pictures. i was bumbed that i couldn't go. it is futile to try and beat dad. we might be able to when he is like 85 but i still wouldn't count on it.

Terra said...

Actually I beat him in the next round by like 2

Jason Heilpern said...

Terra has always been good at bowling. I have never been able to beat her.

megan said...

whatever you need to tell yourself terra;)

talktolebanon said...

She did win the second game, it was close down to the last ball and whether I could get a spare and I missed. Ahhhhhh