Sunday, April 15, 2007

Virginia Beach

Last week I joined Mom, Dad and Samantha for their vacation in Virgina Beach.
We didn't actually get to get on the beach even though we stayed in a Condo on the Board Walk because it was between 40-50 degrees the whole time I was there.
We did get to go to the Aquarium for the day which was loads of fun (once we figured out their attmitance traffic plan- which was dumb) and that is where the photo from below comes from. We saw an Omni-max movie called "Deep Sea" which was shown in 3D. I got a little dizzy at one point and had to take my glasses off for a while. We did see some cool sea turtles.

Mom was dissapointed in the penguins which turn out to be her favorite animal- they wouldn't do anything but huddle together.

These next couple of photos are for you Matt...


talktolebanon said...

I am surprised you forgot to mention the fun we had at the bowling alley, the Purple Cow, the movies, and watching the beautiful sunrises. Oh, I forgot, you were not awake while the sun was rising.

Terra said...

oh, I'm not finished. Jason came home and wanted some attention so I went ahead and posted what I had typed so far.

Matthew said...

hardy har har

Glad you guys had a good time. How was NY?