Sunday, April 22, 2007

While at Virgina Beach with family we went to Colonial Wiliamsburg. I vaguly remember going as a small child with Aunt Beth and I also went with Marcus on our honeymoon (where some guy asked if we were brother and sister).
It was cold and windy and there was a bit of sprinkling as we exited the shuttle but it didn't progress any further than that. We went through the tour for the Govenours Mansion (which I had never seen the inside of) and our tour guied was very intertaining as well as knowledgeable. The inside of the mansion was very...ornate in places-such as the entrance hall. The Govenor had decided to go the "decorate everything with swords and guns" route.
There were hundreds of swords and pistols and rifles hung on the wall in derotive patterns. Both Mom and Dad thought that Jason would love it.
The Countess's quarters weren't as ornate as I had thought they would be nor the daughters, although hers had more color (purple and green) plus tassls =)

The ball rooms were beautiful and bright- one was pursian blue and the other lime green both with gold papermache guilt edgign it all.

From there we went to a couple shops but they all seemed to sell the same things so e started wathcing the live re-nactments at various location of the town. There was this cute little boy running around.

but it was cold so Dad bought as all some really tasty hot cider and Mom an apple cake that we all nibbled on.

Then we watched the march to hear General Washington speak and I re-visited the annoyance I feel when peopel just wonder into my photos with out even considering that there are several photographers who have set this shot up that they have just ruined.
And we looked for Dad - he had wondered off.
then I made Samantha pose for this photo with me- she didn't put up much of a fuss so I choose to believe she secretly wanted to do it.

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talktolebanon said...

Nice tour, it was almost as if I were there. Oh wait, I was there.