Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SO on Sunday Jason and I were discussing a bet..oh, for a minute there I couldn't remember what it was=)
Whether or not Dark Chocolate was good for your heart.
(in case you care I was pro he was con)
He asked me what I wanted if I won, which has been getting hard for me to come up with something good because I can either get it for free (back rubs) or he just doesn't pay up (5K race that is two years over due).

That's when I had an epiphany...frequent flier miles...every time I win I get miles towards a rip and when I have enough he has to buy me a ticket.

It think it's great but he hasn't committed to the plan yet.


megan said...

i can think of something he isn't aloud to do if you win.

Terra said...


Melissa said...

I like BOTH ideas!

talktolebanon said...

Silly, silly, silly.