Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I got to Boone safe and sound.
Oh, none of you knew I was going to Boone?
Well, first I was, then I wasn't and then I was again. It all changed when Jason got word that his friend Kate was in town from Austrailia and would love to see him. he also got word that he had to ditch his two day trip to Detroit and go to Georgia instead.
For a week.
Weeeellll, I'm not staying in Richmond if Jason isn't there when I can get me some Isabella time.
We drove to Charlotte friday night and realised with in about...30 seconds that we really didn't want to have to stay with his parents, but since I have a dog, and the friend we would have stayed with is allergic...
We got to stay with his parents.
They wern't celebrating Fathers Day last sunday so I jumpe dship and said that, in that case I was driving to Boone and spending it with my Dad.
See ya!
Yes, Isabella still loves me =)
Dad and Megan might not after last night though.
Dad and Megan missed their scheduled long run last Saturday so we went to Bass Lake to run up to Cone Manor. It's about 3 miles up hill the whole way and dad pushed the stroller with two 20lbs dumb bells in it. It was great, a really pretty run, not too hot, not too cold...really great until we crested the last nill and I caught sight of my shiny car and realised that I had left the keys at the bottom of the Mt in dad's car.
Me: "um, guys?...I've got bad news"
Megan: "You locke dthe keys in the car didnt' you?"
Me:"no...they are in dad's car".
megan: " at the bottom of the Mt."
Dad: "Ok...lets turn around."
yes, we had to run all the way back down the mountain to get the keys to drive to the top of the mt and pickup the car. They were very nice and didn't show any outwards signs of hating me.


talktolebanon said...

I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful! It was a very nice run.

Matthew said...

I think dad liked the opportunity to show how well he was handling it. He doesn't mind suffering if there is a chance to show how tough he is =)

I have no direct comment on the keys thing. Actually, I sort of do, I'm remembering the two times in SLC when this issue came up.

Melissa said...

Hey, at least the engine wasn't running! :)

Terra said...

sooo. true.
ah, good times, good times =)