Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm back in Richmond.
I did go to the airport today to get my finger printing done for my background check. I also completed two computer based training modules that they ussually do after hiring.
I think they want to hire me they just haven't said anything definite- so it's weird.

Just watch, I've been trying to get this job for all this time and finally I have the chance and it will get in the way of being available for Matt's visit.

And Scottie has fleas- double yay. He apparently picked them up while being outside in Charlotte and Boone. I treated him last week but they seem to still be here so I'll have to get somethign else for them, since he has an allergy and his fur just grew back from the last skin irritation.


Melissa said...

Missing one visit in the states in exchange for being able to visit as often as you wish in Lebanon is a more than even exchange.

Jason Heilpern said...

I would agree with Melissa (did I just say kidding Melissa), However you should post about you most recent development that may have solved your problem.

Megan said...

except lebanon is really dangerous! anyone watching the news.

Melissa said...

Jason is actually agreeing with me?! Has anyone checked? Did hell freeze over? ;)

What recent development?

Yes, Lebanon is dangerous. And I am all for Matthew and family moving. The good news is that working for an airline enables you to visit them cheaply regardless of where they live!