Friday, July 20, 2007

Boone and Back again....

I went to Boone last week and was pleased that Jason elected to come along with me- although I didn't call to tell anyone until we passed the half way mark. Jason knew that Isabella in particular was- let's say "hesitant", about him comming so we stopped at walmart to get some chocolate and these little feather capped pens for the girls.
THe chocolate kept Isabella's face from being burrowed into Megan's stomach long enough for her to see the pen which won her little heart over and she loved Jason after that.
At least four year old love is cheap.

I think we had a good although short visit and were even able to give Matt a ride to Raleigh for his St. Louis interview. THere was a small mix up when booking the flights because Jason and I though Matt was flying Wed, but he though we were leaving THurs. No one else wanted to drive 3.5 hours each way to drop him off and he didn't want to rent a car then leave it at the airport parking for a week so we called Becca and Joe to see if he could spend the night with them.

I'm still working at the airport although I vary in whether I want to continue day to day. It's a mixture of their "Catch and Release" training program and apprehension toward the way the schedule me. I've worked mornings so far (starting between 4:30am-5:30am) but in two weeks they throw in a 1pm-7:30pm shift followed with a 4am shift the next day. When I asked about that and my need for sleep they said that they have to give me 8 hours between shifts...
I did find out that my training class starts on 8/13/07.

Here are a few photos from "The Bear" that we ran last week.

I finally looked up when Matt called my name.

Mary Ann kept warning us that she was going to go really slowly and not to wait for her...she finished first. I was counting my lucky stars that Isabella was getting out of the stroller and "running" so I could hold her hand and "keep her safe". Actually we nearly got ran over by a deer at one point (if nearly means 5 ft.) My leg cramped when I lifted her out for the last time and I had to let go of her hand right before the pipeline because I though I was going to throw up (whew! didn't!). But overall I had a good time.

This is me as I climb up to where Matt was perched taking photos.

I thought since Josh posted the group photo I would post this one.


talktolebanon said...

Who is the old man in the dress? Tell him to put a shirt on and to stop grossing out people!

Terra said...

oh, it's just some guy I picked up...didnt' you know I like older men? =)

Melissa said...

Think of the airline job the same way you trained to run. You got to get through the crap at the beginning to reach your goal. Believe me, the first time you take a flight for free it is all worth it. Everytime you start to wonder why you put up with this crap, get on a plane and go somewhere. I promise you will remember very quickly and it is all worth it. Besides, your flight benefits kick in on Tuesday.