Saturday, July 14, 2007

back in richmond...again.

I drove back to Richmond last night in order to get to work on time this morning (5am). Yep, I got the airline job and am finishing up my first week.
I like it OK- the people are all nice, the only thing is they seem to have no process to training their new hires. OH, they have a training program but I'm not scheduled to start that for another month and a half. In the mean time they aren't letting me know things schedule, or how to turn in my time.

This week I've been working 5am-10am so when I went in today at 5am I assumed I would be getting off at 10 (because that's what the schedule said) but at 10 when I decided to see if they had posted any additional weeks schedules I realized thta at some point my departure time had been changed and I wasn't supposed to leave until I went back to the gate and finished my shift.
But such things annoy me...alot.
It makes me feel like I'm not doing the job right and confused because I dont' know what is going on. I'm also not pleased to find that they seem cool with schedulingme at verying times...sometimes 4am, 4:30am, 5am 5:30am....and 1pm with verying shift durations.
plus I'm just tired and have caught Samantha's cold.

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talktolebanon said...

You need to ask them for a more biorhythm friendly position.