Wednesday, August 15, 2007

at the beach with my inlaws...

At first we weren't going to go this year because they've annoyed us a lot this year. and Jennifer is in her unpleasent teen years (yes, these followed her unpleasent pre-teen years, which followed her unpleasent youth years). In a fit of wanting to just go sit on a pretty beach and not pay for it we agreed to join them.

I should have gone to Boone and at least have been able to enjoy Isabella hugs- and those other people's company.

It's not that there are any horror stories (so far) this year, they just aren't that fun, and I've been feeling melencolie over missing Jason. He doesn't join me until tonight at midnight when he flies into the myrtle beach airport where I will retrieve him.

We've built a couple castles but nothing grand. I'm tired of Jessica asking why they are so small (she doesn't like to dig but wants them shoulder high) and Jennifer stomping off because we won't tell her eactly what to do and how to do it and NO she doesn't want to help dig!
It's so frustrating to deal with people who won't try something because they don't think they will be good at it-so they just say they can't.

I asked Jason f it would be bad to dope Jennifer with some of me Zanax. He said he would be upset if I told him I had done that.
so I told him I just wouldn't tell him.
He didnt' like that either apparently.
I still think it would be a great idea.

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Matthew said...

I say save it, you might need it later.