Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm back in Richmond

Or as I like to call it...Hell.
After spending the week at the beach with Jason's family, which wasn't as horrible as years past, although not with out upsetting momments (yes, she lost the baby), we returned to richmond and looked forward to falling out of the car and into bed. Unfortunatly this hasn't happened as when we opened our apt door we discovered that the septic tank had backed up into our apt at some point during our absence.

the carpet is ruined and the whole place smells like...well a septic tank.
Jason has suggested that I pack up and go to "visit" mom and dad while he packs up and puts our stuff in storage while we get an apt in Knoxville.

My OCD spider sense is having trouble dealing with the change of plans and for some reason I'm having trouble just leaving when I'm scheduled to work this the job I"m quitting and don't really enjoy anyway.
Plus Isabella is leaving soon and this plan means that I wouldn't have to pack all by myself.
I'm not sure what my problem is with this plan.
Really I just want to sit in the corner and cry as this is one more way that my life is not what I wrote in my five year plan.
You know the one that I wrote almost ten years ago and have only checked off the items that had to do with running the distance challange. I can't even bring my self to read my old five year plan it's so depressing.
Did I mention my dog has chewed all the hair off his butt and now my apt is covered in crap?

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talktolebanon said...

I hear Australia is nice this time of the year!