Sunday, August 26, 2007

I"m in Boone and enjoying some Isabella time (and those other people) while Jason heads off to Atlanta after overseeing our moving. His employeers are wonderful (even if it is their fault we never see eachother) and paid for not only our administration costs but also for our last months rent at our "Apt from Hell" and for a "Pack and Move" which ment that I didn't have to pack one box - although I kind of did just to make sure everything of like kind was close together and more likely to be in the same box.
Jason sent me off to Boone because he didn't want to put up my border line comotose/manic behaviour (I don't know why).
I guess the lesson to be learned is that if you behave badly enough the Heilperns will always give you what you want. =)
In addition to overseeing the movers he also unpacked all but 5 of the boxes and put everything away (the five he didn't unpack were clearly my stuff so he left it alone).

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