Tuesday, August 07, 2007


well, I'm in Knoxville, TN checking the area out with Jason. We are pretty sure we will be packing up (again) and moving down here for the follwoing reasons:

1. Jason PROMISES me that thsi move will eliminate at least a week of travel - well actually he says a week and half but I have adjusted it to a more conservative estimate in order to limit dissapoinntments.

2. lower cost of living

3. lower out of state tuition as well as the chance to have instate tuition at Eastern Tennessee UNiversity.

4. Knoxville is 2.5 hours closer to Boone than RIchmond, so if I do hate it here at least I"m closer to family.

5.I hate richmond with an undying passion. everything about it makes me depressed- I drive home from a visit and as soon as I get on I95 I start getting cranky and depressed. Jason has commented that it makes me not fun to be with.

so far Knoxville is looking good. I've seen several wedding locagtions and businesses. We have gone by several apts. that are larger and cheaper than the one that we are currently living in although we haven't been ablet o do a walk through of a model in either one. We checked out Goodwill as well as this awsome uased book store that I bought seven books for $25.00, four of which were hardback.
We stopped by a branch of the library and it was OK- small but it was a branch.


Matthew said...

Glad it looks promising.

Thanks for uploading new pictures to the sidebar.

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