Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am in knoxville...and I don't hate it.

Well I got to knoxville safely on Monday. The cat didn't throw up in it's carrier although it did manage to make other messes.
He got neutered last week and I was worried about his car sickness so I dosed him with benadryle.
gross. He started drooling and foaming immediatly and it grossed me out.

Jason got most of the daily sorts of things unpacked so the only boxes left are the ones that are little things that go in less used drawers.
Yes, that cat has already managed top pee on one of Jason's bags (his rollerblades) so he's had to spend his time getting to know the back porch.

Last night Jason and I went on a date (I know!) to see Harry Potter...
They butchered it.
Although this director did realize how hortrible Daniel Radcliff is in crying scenes and made that one a silent kind of slow motion one.
Thank goodness.
DId I mention they butchered it? The scenes that were supposed to be frantic they made slow and the scenes that were supposed to be slow they made frantic.
It's like the screenplay writer and Director are dyxlexic.
Jason really enjoyed it (he hasn't read the books- well maybe the frist two).
I really enjoyed Emma Watson and Rupert- they were awsome and pulled the scenes that require Daniel to speak out of the gutter.

Once I get a bit more unpacked I'll post a video tour of the new place.


talktolebanon said...

It is good to know you are still alive. If other people stopped telling me about your arrivals and departures I would not know where you were. I need a new address and telephone number when that hits your list of things to do. 1433

Matthew said...

Glad the new places is working out decently well. I think the key to enjoying the potter movies is looking at them not as adaptations of the books, but as independent animals that happen to share the same character names.

Terra said...

Megan said something similar... they take the begining, change the middle and end up in sort of the same place.