Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I figured I should post something...
I have no idea what as, my life is fairly dull and I don't even have any cute niece stories to tell.

I am almost finished with Sarah's temple apron, which has only taken me almost a year to complete.
Not because, it is so technically difficult or that i'm jus tthat slow, it's because I got burnt out and didn't work on it for long periods of time.
I'd love to post photos and show it off to everyone but, it just doens't seem like the thing to do.
Instead you will just get to hear be addnauseum talk about how awsome it is.
I've got about half of the final edging left to do, but she asked me if it would be done in time for her temple trip on 9/22. I'll get it done if I complete about 5 inches a day.

I did a wedding last week and have another this week and the week after.
Abby is engaged.
Mom called me last night to tell me, and then this morning I got a photo album email from abby titled "our hike to (I forgot the name)", in the middle of the photos there is ONE photo of her holding up her hand and it has a ring on it. If I hadn't already known I probably would have missed it because I'm rather dense about those types of things.
I sent her a response saying, "Sneaky, sneaky...I saw the ring. Congratulations!"
I tried to call her today but she was proabably at work or something lame like that.

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talktolebanon said...

You may have a dull life but you have a neat slide show that brings me to your site everyday! If you are bored you can drive over each day and we can run and then you can drive home. That should consume most of your day. If not, then you could throw in a nap after the run and that would take up the day for sure. 1433