Friday, August 08, 2008

I am begining to understand...

I really am begining to understand why there are so many "Rage Incidents" in the news.
I don't think I have had ONE phone conversation with the employees at ETSU that didn't result in my gettinghung-up on, transfered multiple times and ultimately transfered to the WRONG dept. and given the wrong information.

It took them since April to complete the application process, but I have since found out that they managed to lose one of my transcripts.
I got hung up on by my academic councelors secretary while trying to set an appointment, and when I called back, had to prompt her to look at the appointment schedule because she apparently thought if she told me that THAT day was full I wouldn't still need an apt.

I recieved my un-useful advising session and have since emailed several times requested more complete information so that I can register for classes but she is studiously not responding.

Today I tried to get the name and contact information for a professor who is teaching a class I want to attend, when through the requisit three transfers to random depts. when I finally got a name and phone number.
That was WRONG!
The professor did teach the class one campus but since I had repeated myself multiple times to the perons on the phone who was pretending to help me- she apparently felt that giving me the professor who was actually teaching that section she just closed her eyes and pointed.

I have resorted to registering with CPCC in charlotte in an effort to not completly waste this semester but I really have no way of knowing if the classes I registered for will transfer as the classes I need to graduate...BECAUSE MY ADVISER WON"T ANSWER ME AND THEY DON'T HAVE THAT INFORMATION ONLINE.

I am not happy and am feeling very stressed.


Matthew said...

Getting evals can be very stressful. I usually had to take my best guess based on their course catalogs.

Shellie said...

you're coming to cpcc??? oh wait--must be online classes right?