Monday, August 11, 2008

I think I'm done with school.
I am tired of trying to get simple tasks done and dealing with stupid people who can't even seem to input data correctly. I'm tired of being transfered a minimum of 4 times in order to get to the person who can actually answer my questions.

I am tired of my academic councelor.

I am tired of them loosing paperwork.

I don't even want to use this degree anymore, I want to do art through photography. But am I? No, thanks to all these moves my appointments have ground to a halt.

I'm working in a boring job (with nice people) to pay for a degree that I don't want, and dealing with people I don't ever want to talk to again.

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Liz said...

DONT DO THE DEGREE. If it doesn't feel right and things are doing anything but falling into place (which they are) then DONT DO IT!
Sorry I missed your call. I finally talked to Keri from like 10pm to midnight last night- the first time in a very long time - otherwise I would've called you to harrass you at midnight myself! How are you doing? i'm calling tomorrow for sure. Love you lots and lots and lots! Me