Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do I want to be Jim's friend?

I checked my email today and found and invite to become Jim Conners "friend" on Facebook.

Why exactly would you want to be friends with your ex-sister-in-law? Particularly the one that was nearest to your ex-wife at the time of your divorce?

I am tempted to accept just so I can spy on him easier - kind of like slowing down while passing a car wreck (no, I am not one those who do- it annoys me.)

For those who might find it interesting here are some links of Jim's:
Warning: They have playlists on auto play

Favorite Jim quote (off his blog)

"...I have wanted to make yet another blog for the world to be amused at my ramblings and musings. YAY me!

Truthfully, a LOT has changed since I last blogged to the world. I had a lot of viewers (I think) and I feel bad for leaving them in the dark about why I just left the world in the dark blog-wise. Sorry people. It wasn't personal against anyone. I hope I can get you all back and reading and stuff..."


Liz said...

interesting reading...NOT

Same reason people invite the people they have the absolute foggiest connection with to be friends on Facebook or any of those other "look at me, look at me" websites...

If no one is the most popular then the world will be pulled apart at the seams and no one will know how fabulous each other is....right?

Terra said...

I think you must be right. I have noticed as well that people seem to be adding near strangers to their facebook "friends" for no other reason than they kind of remember the name.
I thought I was the only one who felt how ridiculous it was =)