Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My friend Lisa, has put out a call to arms to be more conscientious about what we watch on TV. So I tried to think over what shows I watch on TV.

This list is in no particular order

"Law & Order" (I really could watch that non stop, it's great to watch while exercising because they come on one after another, so there is no need to channel flip.)
"CSI" (Nevada preferable, although I haven't been following it that last several seasons and don't actually know when the new episodes come on.)
Discovery Channel
-"Dirty Jobs"
-"Myth Busters"
Animal Planet
-"Animal Cops" (I have to be careful though because I start wanting to hurt the people shown.)

I like "The Closer" minus her atrocious southern accent
"Cold Case" is good.
"Criminal Minds" was good until Gideon left
oh, and "Bones"


Apparently I like all things criminal...
But the truth is I don't know when any of these shows are actually on- it's just I will watch them if I see them on.

Truth be told I have trouble watching anything with kissing in it or awkward moments- even Disney movies have me covering my eyes and ears and when necessary humming to myself to avoid accidentally hearing what is going on. Sometimes (well fairly often) I will need to get up and run out of the room- this makes watching movies with me less than enjoyable for others.

My mother has the theory that I lack a Fantasy Filter- that I feel that the awkward moment is actually happening to me. I don't know about that but I do feel embarrassed FOR the character.


Liz said...

Ha! I too could and sometimes DO watch Law and Order on days where tons of cleaning must be done and Slade is napping- as well as at the gym. I will totally and completely forget I'm working out when I'm watching that show...well, except for those dang commercials.

You should check out Dr. Laura's blog- she also just posted about this, funny huh?

So many people blog about the shows they watch and I have no idea how they can even keep up with them, what a waste of time and life- go get one and you'll find there's more to life than one lame sex joke after another.

Terra said...

According to academics Horton and Wohl, who originated this concept, television gives viewers the "illusion of a face-to-face relationship with the performer". Gradually over the course of many episodes, viewers come to feel that they 'know' a persona.

So there you have it. People glue themselves to the TV because they are friends with the little people trapped inside. =)
It's probably very similar to emotional eating. Of course this doesn't address the number of shows that have a strong sexual theme such as "Sex in the City" or "Friends". My theory on their popularity is that people want to feel "risky" and sex is a topic that can be funny, sad, happy and exciting that everyone can relate to-even if your that awkward girl/boy down the street.

Liz said...

as always- I bow down to your funny and insightful reasoning! :)