Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I haven't had a calling in church since I was married to Marcus (they called us to nursery). I'm not sad about this fact, in fact I would much rather be able to show up to church and then leave when it's over.

No early meetings...not late meetings, no meetings where half the people don't show up and the other half, have trouble staying on topic and the meetings drags on for eternity. (Like that sentence).

Although I don't really want a calling I do try and not turn down people when they ask for my help- even though I usually wish I had.

Last week some lady walked up and said: (she knew my name- I was rather impressed although it made it a bit more awkward for me since I had no idea who she was.) I heard you were crafty (I really should find out who is spreading such lies) I decided not to try and explain the difference between random skills and "crafty". She went on to explain that Relief Society has "Project night" once a month and wondered if I would be in charge of that for the next three months.

I told her I would and craftily (does that count as crafty?) asked her to write down her email so I could send her the dates, ideas and times. That way she would write her name down with it and I wouldn't have to admit I had no idea who she was.

I have learned at least two things from this experience:

1: The crafty things I know how to do require a lot of practice and are time consuming as well as needing special equipment.

2:Keep your eyes down when leaving Sunday School.

I think I might have avoided callings and such leadership positions in the past due to my erratic choice of hair color. I think leaders are hesitant to ask someone with bright pick or orange hair to lead a class...in well anything.

Does anyone have any ideas for Mormon Craft Night?

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Melissa said...

I think the project you were working on in the Charlotte airport while we were waiting for the flight to Cancun would be perfect. I am being vague in case you haven't given it to its intended recipient. :)

You are very good at making mosiacs. I'm sure you could put together a project around decorating a picture frame or some sort of family mosiac from ceramic or stones or pictures. One of my biggest regrets is letting that table get ruined. :(