Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pretty much everyone who knows me, knows that I believe in animal rights and respect. In fact I'm pretty vocal about the three things that are guaranteed to tick me off enough to react.

1. Cruelty to animals
2. Hurting someone who I list as "Family".
3. Environment disregard.

I try not to lecture or get all crazy fanatical on people- mostly because I don't really want to listen their reasons why I'm wrong- but when asked I will happily share my views and how wrong everyone else is=)

I've never been bitten by a dog and I believe it's because I'm not oblivious to the fact that they are animals with the metal capacity of a two year old (tops).

Unlike this gem of intellect:
Recently in Beijing, China Zoo some guy climbed the nearly 5 foot fence to retrieve his 5 year old toy. I can only assume that the kid purposely chucked the toy into the enclosure because I've never heard of one walking off on their own. What kind of toy is so important that you would cimb over a fence that was clearly put there for a REASON (one being that Panda Bears are really quite dangerous - clearly).
I wouldn't even go get Isabella's "Manky"- I might got to the help desk and ask if the next time a worker was in there if they could retrieve it- but otherwise Isabella would learn a really important lesson on resource management.
yes she would cry because she loves that ratty piece of cloth and yes it would be awful to deal with her afterward (she sleeps with it every night). But I've heard that having your leg chomped on by an offended bear is even worse than a child's cry.

They had to pry the bears jaws apart with a tool and he has had to have surgery for the damage. The crazy thing is that the Zoo will be sued and have to pay because it's clearly their fault that the nimrod managed to scale the fence. I guess it is kind of their fault since he was the third person to manage to climb the fence and who offended this particular Panda. I liked the story where the drunk tourist climbed over to hug the bear and the bear bit the guy bit the bear back.

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