Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm clearly lonely

I miss Scottie...a lot.
Sure it's a easier to go out of town with out packing his blanket, dishes, food, breath spray, leash and such. Not to mention dealing with where he would sleep and where he was allowed to go. (For some reason people seemed to find his smell offensive- that and the fact that he shed like he was going bald.)

I'm determined not be led by emotions when I do get another dog. I figure I shouldn't start to seriously look until 6 months to a year has passed. It's hard to get off work and know that all I have to look forward to is an overweight cat who couldn't care if I was around just so long as the food bowl is full.

Then there are the birds...They seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Fred is Jason's and he loves him (Fred loves Jason- I don't think the depth of feeling is the same for Jason.)

Peanut...I knew as I was doing it, I was doing it for the wrong reasons, but I did it anyway. Peanut came from Jason's cousin who had gotten him several years ago. Now the cousin wants a dog and isn't really interested in a loud, filthy animal who is hand wary. I felt bad for the beast. It's a horrible reason to get a pet, particularly one that has a 15-30 year life span-but I felt bad that such a social animal was suffering.

This lovely addition to our house has not curbed my urge for a dog- I keep looking at Yorkies for some reason. (I think they look like little Gizmos from "Gremlins"). I don't know what I would do with a Yorkie after I got it- but...

I'm thinking of "fostering" dogs. It would give me a chance to interact with a dog, while not making a huge life-long commitment.

I even caught myself think a pet rat sounded reasonable.

But really how many dogs would let you do this to them?


Megan said...

i don't think fostering would be a good fit for you. you get way to attached. isabella got really excited when she saw the pictures of scottie. she talks about him all the time.

Liz said...

So peanut is a new dog or was a fostered dog?

I'm with Megan, I think you may get too attached to a doggie. On the other hand, it may be a good avenue for you to go through several choices until you found one that was a good fit for sure?

You can have Harley- she's all the things Scottie was so it's like he never she only has like 2 teeth now. Does'nt that sound endearing?

Terra said...

Peanut is a Ring Necked Indian Parakeet.

The fostering I was talking about is for service dogs for Autistic kids. I don't think I would have trouble giving them back because they would be helping someone. If I fostered shelter dogs, that might be hard because those dogs wouldn't have a home to go to and I would want to "save" them.