Monday, January 12, 2009

uh, I didn't know that.

Over Christmas and the New Year, Jason's old mission buddy Jacob Kroon came to visit. While he was here he bought some Arizona Green Tea and I made the comment that it was against the Word of Wisdom.

He maintained that Black Tea was but not Green Tea...I referenced my brother-in-law who had a member of the 70 address his mission in Korea and stated that Green Tea was against the Word of Wisdom.

Jacob said he didn't except word of mouth as a valid reference and that anything less than the Prophet makinga decree that specified that Green Tea was against the Word of Wisdom would be invalid. His reasoning was that there are enough docterinal comandments out there with out borrowing ones that weren't.

I replied that it sounded a lot like he was trying to rationalize something that he wasnted to do.
I also mentioned this conversatino to my brother who stated that Black Tea and Green Tea were the same plant- which I didn't know. For some reason I always thought they were from completely diferent plants- that Green Tea was more herbal than the nasty stomach tanning Black Tea.

Turns out that they are from the same plant and the only difference is the amount of time spent oxidizing the leaves, buds and stems. Black Tea was popular because it could be shipped farther without losing it's flavor, while Green Tea was only good for about a year.

I mentioned this to Jacob who decided that while this might be true he needed to know exactly what affect the oxidation process intailed before he would consider this a valid reason the Tea would be off limits. (I looked it up and it is mearly the drying process of the leaves, beds and stems- nothign else). He walked away for a minute and then came back gleefully anouncing that if we have to give up Green Tea becuase it's from teh same plant as Black Tea then I would have to give up Chocolate comes from the same plant as the Cocaine plant.


It doesn't by the way but the two plants have similar spelled and sounding names.
Cacao tree = Chocolate = Good
Coca plant = Cocaine = Bad

On a side note the plant has red berries that look a lot like the berries I saw on a Coffee tree while in costa Rica.

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