Friday, February 27, 2009


Tonight I was sitting on the couch, working on classwork when I hear Fred squacking in what sounds like distress. (whats the difference between this and his regular squacking?...It's hard to describe.)


He is squaking and flapping his wings, but not going anywhere in his cage. Peanut does this and it's my personal opinion that he is planning his escape. I get up and walk over so see what is going on and what greets me is that Fred has been quietly planning is own escape and had tried to put it in motion.

On the sides of his his cage are little doors that hsi food dishes used to hange off of but have since been moved. He had attempted his excape through one of these doors and had gotten his head stuck between the bars and couldn't get unstuck. Kind of like the TV shows where a kid gets his head stuck in the bannister bars. It was pretty easy to unstick him altough i was afraid that the action of opening the little door would snap his neck (which would have added just one more trama to my life) but it was sucessfully.

I do think that he blames me for the whole incident, due to the absolutely filthy look he gave me.


Mary Ann said...

posts like this one help me to appreciate how much like children animals are.

Matthew said...

He was probably annoyed that you had foiled his plan.