Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I love to geocache. It's cheap, fun and I can do it anywhere.
Last week I went out to Arizona to visit my friend Melissa and she and I went out caching for the day. We had about a 50% success rate but the highlight was placing our very virst cache.

Melissa had driven by the perfect place - it was a cacti that looked like it was running away from the road. We got our very own tupperware container and notebook and drove out to place it.

Below are the photos.


Mary Ann said...

I wouldn't have noticed that the cactus looked like it was running, but you're right. It really does look like that. Good for you.

Terra said...

AH, Melissa is the one who saw it first and told me about it. When we drove by to do the turn around I thougt "that looks just likes it's running!"

Matthew said...

That is one weird looking plant.