Monday, April 20, 2009

today was..different

At about noon today, Isabella came upstairs and told me "Mommy needs your help- Emmelines G-tube came out".


So I rush downstairs and hear teh most pittiful whimper comming from Emmeline coupled with Megan frantically trying to get her pediatrician on the phone. She is holding a towel over emmelines stomach and Emmeline is looking right at me with huge eyes while still whimpering and looks little grey around the edges.

I took over holding the towel while Megan tried to ask the E.R. if we should bring her strait there, or to her Dr. (whoes entire office was out to lunch). Turns out they can't give that kind of advice with out talking to her Dr. (why do they have a phone line again?)

At thsi point I realised that Megan hadn't really been breathing and told her to take some deep breaths (she had also realised this and had started taking deep breaths)
Poor little Emmeline was still staring right at me while crying/gasping and so I gave her my finger to hold - it turns out that she has a really strong grip - at least when something that had been surgically implanted is forcefully removed without warning.
Since we couldn't get ahold of anyone who knew anything I sent Isabella to get my phone so that I could call my brother-in-law who works in the pediatric section of a hospital in Charlotte. I've told him a bit about Emmelines "issues" so when I called and left a rather randomly organized message on his voice mail, followed up with another phone call and a text "please call me. It's Emmelines G-tube". He returned my call in about 30 seconds.
In the mean time Megan has gathered up the manual for the g-tube, Emmeline and Isabella and loaded them in the car.

Jim was fantastic- calm, collected, and according to Megan (who has spoken to a lot of "medical personel") informed, asking us intellegent questions and giving precise answers. I know it really help Megan feel a little better about how she was going to handle the situation.
What I didn't know until later is that he did all of this after being woken from a dead sleep.
Emmeline was a real trooper through all of this and seems to have bounced back with out incident.

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Mary Ann said...

"Jim was fantastic- calm, collected . . . informed, asking us intelligent questions and giving precise answers. . . . he did all of this after being woken from a dead sleep."

This ability should be one of the basic requirements to enter the medical profession.

Way to think on your feet, Terra.