Friday, April 10, 2009

today I gave Isabella a piggy back ride downstairs, during which she announced that she didn't want to get close to the ceiling because " the rats and spiders are in the ceiling".


I played along and just thought she was re-visiting her phobia of spiders with a new twist.
later that day we were upstairs with mom when Isbella announced loudly for the second time "There are rats living in the ceiling and mice in the basement!"
Mom was not ammused and said rather huffily "are you saying I have rats in my house?"
This was where the light bulb when off in my head and I realised that Isabella had just finished watchinng The Tale of Desperaux. Where the characters are rats and mice who live in the basement and ceiling.
It's just amazing how this little bit of information completely changes how that conversation was going.


Matthew said...

I showed the girls Secret of NIMH today. I'll be curious to see what the ripple effects of that are.

Terra said...

aren't you afraid?
You know that girls love the sparklies :)