Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm alive but just barely

Last week I went to Boone, NC in order to visit my family and celebrate Isabella's 6th birthday. It's like she is a really little person now, all grown up and everything.
It's kind of sad.
Luckily she still likes to cuddle and doesn't actually WANT to grow up so I can deny it's happening a bit longer.

Every year on or near her birthday Isbella runs a mile. She calls it her marathon :)
As we waited for everyone to arrive at the park, Isbella rode her bike while Dad, Josh and I jogged next to her. At one point towards the end I had kind of zoned out and was watching what I thought might be Rugby players (a sort of inside joke of Megan and Dad) when I ran right into the back of Isabella's bike.
Dad had told her to slow down so Josh could catch up with the rest of us, and since I wasn't paying attention I didn't her him tell her or her stop in the middle of the track.
I hit the bike pretty hard and tried to fall strait down rather than to the side and knock the bike on top of her. I succeded in keeping her upright as well as in giving myself a massive welt.

Last year she ran so fast it made her sick, so she was a little aprehensive this year, so after a false start we all headed out for her mile.
She had a little trouble after about a quarter of a mile but once we started pretending she was a dog running that helped. But what I think she really enjoyed was pretending she was our gereatric cat "Hobbes" and that I was a chipmonk that Hobbes was chasing. (Hobbes is about 14 years old and still kills and eats chipmonks- often in front of our slidding glass doors- blegh). Considering I was willing to sqeak, sqeak, sqeaking for 3/4 of a mile, and that Isabella thought it was the best thing ever, and had a great time doing her run it was a success.


Mary Ann said...

It's funny. I grew up in the middle of a pack of children. We outnumbered the adults in our lives (my mom and dad. No other family in the state) 3 to 1. By contrast, Isabella has so many grown ups in her life. It's just very, very different.

Matthew said...

Hmmm, if squeaking noises help improve running times, you might just discovered something you can make money off. Call Runner's World. =)