Sunday, June 07, 2009


Well It's been almost a week since Isabella did her mile run and I still have a huge bruise that is now turning greenish yellow, as well as a bum knee.

When I fell I thought that my bruised knee took the brunt of the impact and I only got a bit of road rash on my right knee. My knee didn't feel so hot after the run but sometimes it gives me trouble (left over from getting hit by that car) so I figured there wasn't anything to worry about. A little rest and it would be fine. The next day I went for my regular run at the Cabin (three laps of their "neighborhood") toward the end of the second my knee was really hurting so I walked for a bit and it felt better. I decided I could go the third and might just have to push a little toward the end.

um, no.

About 100 feet past the driveway I felt like something in my knee was going to tear apart. So I turned around and limped inside.

I didn't do any running until yesterday. I ran for 4 miles and the last two were under duress- unfortunatly the route I took didn't allow for early quiting. Not that I was in the mood to adjust my workout/relaxation/mind clearing.
It hurt towards the end but I finished and went inside and put ice on it. I had taken a Ibprophin before I started. It felt a lot better, only a litte stiff last night.
It still hurts.
I have to walk without bending it in order to avoid sharp pain. Interestingly, if I left my leg and bend my knee to put pants on, it doesn't hurt. It only hurts during the pivot motion of walking.

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Don Ashley Baby and Tigger said...

Ouch! Not a fun sounding knee! Feel better soon~