Friday, June 12, 2009

The night before

Well, I'm packed and ready to head to Orlando! The highlight of today was discovering Litchi at the local Global Market.

I first ate Litchi in a chinese restraunt in Germany. I then proceeded to stuff my face with the lovely little fruits every chance I got...speaking of...
ick...I just swallowed a cherry pit.

I have only found them in the USA once in the 7 years since first tasting them, although while I was in Costa Rica with Melissa exploring downtown San Jose, I saw the peel of my personal mana...I squealed (one of the few things to incure a squeal in my life) and told her we must find the stall selling them.

I should mention that neither of us spoke spanish (melissa could ask "how much" and count a bit") So we wandered around the crouded market looking for them with out success, until Melissa just went and picked up the rind and showed it someone.


Unfortunately it was not one of those times that something I liked grossed everyone else out- she loved them too (I called her today to gloat that I had some and she didn't) so I had to share.

I hate sharing.

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