Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not a lot new happening out here in St. Louis...

I went to the Missori botanical garden with Mary Ann and the girls yesterday, which is fun. I tried to find some geocaches in the garden but there didn't seem to be any placed, which suprises me. There were some in Tower Park next door though- maybe next time we can plan some extra time to look for them.

The weather has been on the cool side, so I haven't really gotten to try out my waterproof camera at the pool yet, but maybe tonight will be nice enough that danielle and I aren't ice cubes after five minutes.

I was going to run in a 10K last week but since my knee is kind of thrashed at the moment...mostly I am sitting around with a brace on.
Not that it really helps or anything.

I got re-started on a project I started years ago. I had wanted to sew a lap quilt for my mothers mother, but never finished and she's dead now.
I feel wasteful since it's about 3/4 finished so i'm trying to get that bit of guilt off my mind. I just don't know what to do with the quilt afterwards.
Stella and Danielle are more than willing to accept it- but I'm leaning towards a suggestion my brother made a coule of months ago. he suggested donating to a nursing home, older people can always use lap quilts.
(which was my reasoning when I thought of making it in the first place.)

My faimlies trip to Disney World/Sea World is this comming week, so I'm looking forward to that, as well as Jason's brother is comming home from his mission in Uruguay.

I have mixed feelings about that- I like James but his letters home were so dry and boring (his family seemed happy with them) and he's bound to go through that tiresome phase all newly returned missionaries go through.
As far as I know, there aren't any family activities planned for that weekend- so I am taking this oportunity to plan things that I want to do.
"You snooze, you loose"

Actually all I want to plan on doing it Geocaching- I think it will be a nice low key activity that James will enjoy- low crowds, free, but something to keep him busy for a while. Jessica and Jim should enjoy it as well, we've told them about it in the past and they were interested- plus "FREE"! Jennifer will probably enjoy it- sometimes it hard to tell with her. Brother heilpern would probably enjoy it if he is willing to do it at all- he's strange that way. Sis Heilpern has some mobility issues, so we would have to choose the cache carefully if she wanted to join us. But that is the great thing about it! As you saw in the photos you can find them everywhere! Some are on hiking trails others are in a parking lot. They even rate them on the site on the difficulty level of the terrain as well as the sixe of the cache and how difficult it is to find it.

I've heard that fresh missionaries have trouble with not having any kind of schedule-and he's used to getting up really early, while his family...really isn't (not that I plan on getting up at 6:30am- blegh).
I really do love geocaching and since it's free...I can do it anywhere I want.

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Mary Ann said...

Tower Grove has a great farmers' market on the weekend. Next time we're all in town for a weekend, we should do it ALL.