Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis

St. Louis has tons of meet-ups for people who want to meet other people who are interested in the same things.

When I arrived I signed up for a couple but didn't really attend anything other than a running one...which I then couldn't attend due to the unfortunate incident with the bike.

Last night I stepped out of my very narrow comfort zone and attended a figure drawing meet up organized by the St. Louis Aritist Guild. i got there about 15 minutes after the start time and the room was full...with one spot in the back.
So I tiptoed over trying to be as small and quite as possible while setting up my gear.

The thing is I've always associated art and drawing as something I "do"...last night I realised it has been 12 years minimum since I did figure drawing...and it showed.

It was a good thing that I was in the far corner in the back because I certainly didn't want anyone wandering by and seeing the calamity that was my effort to depict the poor model. But I was relived and pleased to see that going into the second 20 minute pose my technique and skill markedly improved. If/when I ever get around to it I might scan the sketches and post them.

I plan on attending the Long Pose tomorrow night as well.


Matthew said...

I hope you do. Your final pieces did turn out very well.

abby232000 said...

I would love to see them!