Thursday, September 03, 2009

Texas here they come!

Megan and the girls are heading to TX this weekend for the big move. Josh has been there for about two weeks and is just as excited to see them as they are to see him. Isabella has been pointing out all the red headed men to me, telling me how much they look like her daddy. Tall, short, fat, skinny...if they have the hair, then they remind her of Josh:)

I do love these little girls so much- Katie was kind enough to take this photo of me and the girls. She even got it in focus for me:)

I sure am giong to miss them. Isabella gives the best Squeezles. Emmeline...well she's cute enough to over look the projectile vomiting :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Camera Girl,
Do you know who you really need as your very best friend? That's right, your best friend needs to be yourself.

When you look in the mirror, it's you that needs to be able to tell yourself that everything is going to be all right, no matter what.

You need to be your own best friend. It's not selfish, it's not egotistical, it's not self centered.

I have read through your blog and I really like your photographic skills but I think like me, they are almost a mechanical factor of you; they are good, it comes easy to you.

What doesn't come easy is the comfort that comes from a pat on the back or a hug. Learn to give those to yourself and others will take your lead and give the hugs and pats on the back too.

You don't have to post or publish this; this was just for you.

Wishing you the very best
life has to offer.


Jason Heilpern said...

Thats a great picture of you guys. You look great Babe.

Melissa said...


Wow, I don't know who this guy Gary is, but I sure hope you listed to what he said. I wish a complete stranger could give me such awesome insight into my life.