Friday, September 18, 2009

Well I've once again been foiled.
All I want is to get a race T-shirt from St. Louis and I've yet to be able to run in a race. oh, I've looked and planned (not to the point of pre-registering ming you) and without fail something comes up to keep me from actually running.

This time it's my brothers fault- oh, yes indeed! He seems to think that there needs to be an adult (stop sniggering! I am to!) in the house as he and Mary Ann go pick up the moving van that they are using to transport their livingroom set to her mothers.

I mean really!? It's like their on some kind of deadline :)

I am of course just joking - I'm happy to watch the girls for a bit while they get the van- plus Matt said he wants to run a race with me. I'll be looking up some more options and talking with him tomorrow.

You know it's all about the shirt.

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summer07 said...

Im sorry you couldn't race today