Friday, October 09, 2009

On Sundays

Sundays were times of rest, prayer and contemplation....In other words, boring to a child. We used to have a box that contained approved Sunday activities, and while I don't remember most of what was in it I do remember that if I had been really good and Dad was willing he would get out his coin collection.

He kept it in a black plastic box about the size of a shoe box and it contained coins from around the world as well as past U.S currency. His grandfather had started it during his travels and his father had added to it during World War II during his years in the service.

There were coins from India, Austrailia, England and many others - I loved it!

I was only allowed to look at the collection if Dad was willing to sit with me while I emptied out little bags, and carefully handled the paper money that, that little box contained. It was like a treasure chest, that I could sort through, looking for my favorites (an indian penny, the big silver Liberty dollars).
A few years ago Dad decided it was time to let us take our pick of the collection and I was able to bargin with Megan on what I wanted:)

This past summer I spent time with Matt and his family and Danielle discovered my collection. I really enjoyed hearing her ask "Aunt Tewa, can I look at your coins?" and going through them all telling her which countries they were from.

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Megan said...

bargin with megan? i think not. i was not included and got none of said coins.