Sunday, October 11, 2009

I think I'm awsome

One of my hobbies is archiving old family history stuff like photos, movies, and audio tapes.
One of the problems I've come across is, that the things are old -Yeah, I know crazy right? Well I was working on getting everything transferred and came across two tapes that had broken. The tape part has come disconnected to the wheelie things inside (yes, "wheelie things" is in fact the technical term).

So I searched my mind and remembered...

Hey! I remember when we were younger Matt would take our favorite tapes (that we may or may not have been playing nonstop) and would pop them open and change the insides when another tape!

Side note: when I gave him props for teaching me how to do this, he claims that he only did it to FIX the tapes we had already over playing. I popped the tape open and CAREFULLY reattached the tape to the leader and reset the casing. You have to be careful to not let the tape unwind anymore than necessary or you'll be covered in tape with no hope of getting it back in that little cassette ever again.

I then hooked it up to my transfer set up and POOF! PRESTO! I had transferred the audio into digital format.

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Matthew said...

I was a flawless and charming child..