Saturday, December 12, 2009

cue evil laugh

Tonight Jason and I had a great time ice skating and playing Skip-Bo (Terra 2 for 2!)

I was sitting on Jason messing with Spock (Spock likes Jason more for some reason and so it's easier to catch him when he is relaxed and sitting on Jason).

I want to preface this story with normally I would be completely revolted myself but the fact that Jason is this grossed out has out weighed any thought of how gross this actually is from my mind.

Anyway, sitting on Jason... he was trying to be all romantic and convince me to forgo my bath and go to sleep. Something about the fact that it is almost three in the morning and neither one of us is at all tired. Not even Spock is tired, he is getting the only exercise he has had today by chasing his new jingle ball...and I think trying to get in the bathroom pantry?

So Jason was being all cuddly and relaxed which cleared the way for me to be completely gross (one of my many specialties).

I LICKED him! and my tongue got a little bit in his nose...which was thankfully completely clean which was awesome for me.

he was so completely grossed out by this he hid under the blankets and shrieked for five minutes. he also claims that this single act was so un-sexy and revolting that he doesn't want me anywhere near him.
(this statement might have something to do with my cackle that I was going to wait for him to go to sleep and do it all again :)

He said that if I ever do, do it again I will forfeit any calf or back massages for a month. I think he is serious and, well it seems to be a fair trade :)


Matthew said...

Points for situational advantage and element of surprise, but I am forced to take off for lack of subtlety.

People of our talents can not give in in to base harassments, particularly when there are so many options for the creative tormentor =)

Jason Heilpern said...

Matt Please dont encourage her