Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jason and I went to the animal shelter again today...Jason saw a dog he liked, and when he cot it cat tested he found out that it LOVES cats, and children so much it wants to hug them and squeeze them until they don't move.

It wasn't really the dog I was looking for, although I saw one I liked a bit, it was black and had wispy long hair. He was a little older than we were looking for but had a comfortable vibe about him. Unfortunately he couldn't have cared less that Jason was in the room with him, so we are continuing our search.

The good news though was the first dog we saw at the shelter that we both liked so much has been adopted! We were both worried that it had been euthanized because it had been at the shelter for so long.


Abby said...

As I remember it, Scottie could have cared less if Jason was in the room. Maybe it is a good sign. I would go with your hear and the connection that you make.

Jason Heilpern said...

Abby I agree with you. The dog is more for Terra then for me. Your right Scottie could have cared less if I lived or died, but he made Terra happy. So if we found a dog I knew she really liked and that dog really liked her I would not get in the way of that.