Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Urban Hunter

Our cat Spock has been put on a diet. He weighs in at 18.5 pounds but should weigh closer to 12-13 which makes him very fat. Jason doesn't like the idea of putting him on a diet because this cat is also a world class crier. He can make it sound like he is STARVING any time of day, and will run to his bowl anytime we go anywhere near the kitchen.

The last couple of days I've been hearing rustling noises comeing from the kitchen but after checking to make sure Spock wasn't trying to get on the counters didn't think much of it...until last night.

Last night I heard the same rustling noise and decided to check to see what has been so fasinating to Spock lately. And to check that he wasn't ruining something with whatever he was doing.

So I snuck over and saw that the door to the laundry nook was open...I crept over and peeked in and saw...Spock buried upto his shoulders in the cat food bag!

For the last several days he has been sneaking in to the nook and helping himself to his food, without anyone the wiser. I wish I had, had the camera ready when I went over but by the time I told Jason to come look and thought about taking a photo Spock was aware he had been spotted and was trying to look like he hadn't been doing anything and often sat in the dark among laundry soap.


Jason Heilpern said...

He really is a FAT cat

Matthew said...

Maybe he is depressed. See if he needs a hobby.

Terra said...

Jason did recently buy him some toy jingle balls that he really enjoys chasing around and we have found that he LOVES attacking my yarn balls- it's even better if I am attempting to use them at the same time:)