Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It would make me happy!

Tonight Jason and I were watching "Burn Notice" which is a YV show about a former spy who is trying to get his job back. When I first watched the show the main character's speach pattern really annoyed me but I do enjoy the co-star who plays "Sam" and so will watch it with Jason occationaly.


Tonight the show featured Michael using a disposable camera that he made into a stun gun. He used it agaisnt his assailent while restraining him in a full body hold. My comment was that it seemed like Michael would feel the effects of the stun gun too, since he was in contact with the victim and he would be grounded and connect the circut. I thought that one theory would be that since it was just one little camera the gun would have enough juice in it to effect the target if applied to sensitive areas, and although Michael would feel the effects it wouldn't be severe enough to incompasitate him. Or that it was just another lie Hollywood tries to feed us.

I proposed that we make our own camera stun gun and try it out.
I would play Michael's role and Jason could be the assailent :)

Jason didn't seem to think this would be fun for him and declined :)


Matthew said...

Bonus points for the title, but I don't think anyone outside the family would know the provenance. =)

Bonnie said...

Glad to see Jason set some limits on your nefarious plans.