Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My dog might be a bully...

I've been suspecting this for a while now but tonight it made dog is a bully.

There have been a few instances at the dog park when I get out a treat in reward for her actually bringing the ball back that another dog smells the treaty goodness and comes over to see if any extras are being given out and she has snapped at them and physicaaly moved between them and me.

I of course did not give her the treat for such unmannerly behaviour.

A couple of weeks ago I let her play with a young pit bull named King (he was a real sweety) and she got jealous that I was petting him as well as her. She was giving sharp barks and pushing him away from me when I went to pet him.

I put her back on the leash and continued to interact with King.

Tonight a friend came over with her young pit bull named "Zerg" and Grace was just a brat! If Zerg wanted to chew on one of the FIVE bones lying around grace wanted it- even if she already had one. If Zerg tried to great either Jason or I or really anyone but his owner she barked at him and gave short corrective growls. In other words she was acting piggish. I have Zerg one of the bones because those bones are mine and I just let Grace use them (how's that for echoing Dad). if it continued I would run them both through some of the commands they knew and that seemed to helpredirect her.

I'm not used to thinking my beautiful smart otherwise well behaved dog is a bully but I really think she is. She even tried to take Zergs stick away from her when she doesn't even LIKE sticks!

I emailed my friend Danny who trains dog for suggestions, because I don't want to be the one with the bully dog! I want to be the one with the beautiful well behaved dog!

Does this look like a bully to you?!


Matthew said...

Man, she sounds like such a bitch!

Hahahah I just kill me =)

Terra said...

:) She's fixed so I'm not sure the term applies :)