Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Today I was scheduled to run 8 miles on my little training chart, which only posed a problem due to the fact that the point on the trail that I would need to turn around at doesn't have any mile markers.

Not a problem! I actually remembered to buy new batteries for my Garmin 101, put them in the unit and take the unit with me. I did however forget to turn on my heart monitor until I passed the first mile marker...oh, well.

It was a gorgeous day. Grace had an upset stomach due to her eating some of my pysanki eggs earlier but it all came out O.K.

We headed out, and about two miles into the run came across a friendly Beagle. I asked if it was Ok for Grace to sniff the dog, which it was and she proceeded to WIG OUT! The leashes got alll sorts of twisted, which was a problem because I make a loop and put it around my waist when I run. I ended up having to take her collar off in order to untangle the leashes, at which point she was perfectly fine.

Over reacting Diva.

6 miles into the run the sky opened up and poured on us, but it was a rain with big fat drops that were refreashing and felt like they were just washing everything clean. It was nice.

I think I have shin splints by the way.


Matthew said...

Try the trashcans and icewater thing. It works wonders for me.

Terra said...

I was thinking I would bite the bullet and do that. I've been using Icy Hot liberally so far and it helped my foot a bit but I thought I needed to step it up.

Don Ashley Carter and Tigger said...

8 miles....I have never run 8 miles straight in my life! Wow....I would love to run a Marathon one day,,,a very slow marathon. :) Good Luck with those shins too!