Friday, March 05, 2010

Things might be looking up

When I first moved to Olympia I checked out in an effort to locate people with similar interests. For different reasons I haven't attended the meetups that matched my interests up till now. I was supposed to participate in a Speed work out on Tuesday but I've been experiencing some pain in my calf and since I had already ran 8 miles I decided to skip that meetup and instead attend the Wed 5 miles meetup.

I was a little nervous because only one other person had RSVP'd to attend and I wasn't sure where exactly we were supposed to be meeting but Grace and I loaded up in the car and headed over to Marathon Park in Olympia and hopped for the best.

It turns out that another running group meets at the same time and often in the same place and so there was about 10 of us that ended up running together. It was a really good experience and everyone was really friendly. Tomorrow (Sat) I will be going to another meetup that is scheduled on the Wester Chahalis Trail which is convienently located across the street from my apt.

They are only running 5 miles and I'm scheduled to run 11. Plus I want to play Wow with Matt at 11am and they are meeting at 10am, so what I'm going to do is go out earlier and run 6 miles ending at the meeting place and then run the 5 with the group and then hop home and log into WoW. How's that for multi-tasking ?

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Matthew said...

Pretty good! I'm so pleased you have found something like that which you enjoy. Have fun!