Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Pets...

When I think of the rousing non-sucess I'm having in my pets lately I can not imagine my being responsible for a real live human. If I were responsible for raising one, it would probably turn out never potty trained and one of those types of kids that give Homeschooling a bad name.

Grace: She actually is potty trained but probably only because I didn't have anything to do with the process. Props for me, I haven't untrained her.


She has turned out to be a dominant dog that is possessive with her toys. Surprisingly not really with her food. or bed.
She is showing clear signs that she thinks Jason is just a bit more "her" human than mine.

That's a problem.

She also continues to push Spock around (he doesn't seem to mind too much)as well as Zerg who does seem to have reached her limit.
The toy/bone possessiveness really reared it's head yesterday when the cable guy came in and Grace picked her bone up from the living room and took it to the bedroom and sat on it. Because it was Sooooo....clear the guy wanted it.

Spock: Well, he's fine actually, potty trained isn't destructive, he's just fat. he does resent us limiting how much food he has access to and has taken to eating Grace's food if she leaves any behind.
He also takes up a 1/4 of my side of the bed each night- a 17 lb cat can really spread out!

Fred: He's actually doing pretty good, which means I'm due for a skin breaking bite any day now. Actually I'm thinking of trying to teach him some tricks.

Peanut: Blegh. He screams non-stop anytime Jason is in the room. Jason is ready to give him away, which leaves me in a weird place of feeling that we aren't giving Peanut something he needs and it's turned him into a scream pile of feathers. He has also started biting Jason (probably due to Jason deciding to implement "Time Out" with Peanut.) Peanut does this weird pacing and stabbing routine on his perch that reminds me of kennel pacing. I don't know. All I know is he doesn't scream nearly as much when Jason isn't home. I'm thinking of trying to teach Peanut some tricks to re-direct his energies. Call it Birdie Exercise.

Problem: Peanut kind of freaks me out and shows a strong inclination towards She might hate me...unless I am eating and she wants some of my food- then she smashes herself against the side of the cage closest to me and begs for a bite. She doesn't even "step up" for me and instead makes her eyes dialate and undialate like one of those dinosaurs off of "Jurassic Park".
Please let me stick my hand in the cage of an animal that does THAT.

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Matthew said...

Maybe peanut hates Jason...